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South Asia is poisoned with religious extremism, and it may sound like a stretch, but questioning the established norms is punishable in many countries. Even if the law lets you go, people don’t. Free thinking means putting oneself under public scrutiny, but Dhruv did it anyway. He started speaking his mind out in a conservative society like India and he got plenty of threats and was accused of having anti-governmental statements. The comments, lawsuits, and public scrutiny didn’t stop him from speaking the truth and educating the public about political agendas and army activities.

So, who is Dhruv Rathee and why does he deserve the clout and success he has today? Let’s dig into his life to find out. 

Name Dhruv Rathee
Date Of Birth08-10-1994
Net Worth$6M
FamilyNo Information
RelationshipMarried to Juli Lbr
Place of BirthHaryana, India

A star was born 

He was born on October 8th, 1994, in Haryana to a Jatt family. He received his early education from India and for higher education went to Germany. He has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical energy and a master’s degree in renewable energy from Karlsruhe institute of technology. 

His journey towards the truth 

He was born in a Hindu family, but he later declared himself as an Atheist. The genre of his content is educational however this wasn’t always the case. When he started posting in 2014, he took photographs and travel videos for his channel. Shortly after, he turned his genre towards education. From the mysteries of creation to lunar missions and political agendas, he posts tonnes of educational content. 

The average time of his videos is 20-25 minutes, and he covers almost every aspect of a given subject. He raised his voice on climate crises and other environmental issues which garnered him viewership and respect from millions of people and his videos ended up awaking them. The best part is, he makes his content in Hindi due to which more people listen to him. 

The editing and VFX in his videos are remarkable and the format of his videos is educational documentary. Moreover, he wrote opinion articles for “The print” 

BOTTOM LINE? People are learning a lot about the issues at hand. 

Hate and prejudice 

His views have been criticized all over India. He has received threats as well. He made videos on Uri Attacks 2016, Indian line of attacks 2016 and various videos on political issues.

Dollars and Further Ventures 

His salary has been recorded as $800K and his total Networth is $6M. He generated most of his assets from YouTube. He also started his vlog channel called “Dhruv Rathee Vlogs” in 2020. He shares his daily activities and travels on this channel. He hosts various shows including “Decode with Dhruv” of Netflix India. Moreover, he runs a podcast named “Maha Bharat with Dhruv” on Spotify. The man is literally UNSTOPABLE. 


He is married to a Grman girl Juli Lbr, who he dated for a long time and that is his only known relationship. Juli doens’t have a big social media presence but she is seen with Dhruv in many of his Vlogs. The content they post is based on their adventures together and their everyday life. They got married in 2021 in Vienna, Austria in an intimate gathering of friends and family. 

His impact 

Educational content is not unusual in India, but political education is. Dhruv risked his reputation for speaking the truth and for that he is wildly appreciated. He is teaching logical thinking and critical approach to young and adults alike and he is doing so in the native tongue so that an average Indian can benefit from his videos just as much as an academic person. 

His viewership is not limited to India only, he has followers from Pakistan, Bangladesh and SriLanka as well. 

In conclusion 

The influence of norms and religion is not new but the liberty to be true to one’s own self is a fundamental human right. Dhruv promotes scientific inquiry, critical analysis and logic through his videos, and he should be free to do so. It is never easy to teach science and logic to the masses, but he is simplifying things for them and that is a noble act and a social service. 

We hope to see more of his content in future.







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