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With over 169M subscribers overall, he is YouTube’s most subscribed individual and second most subscribed channel. So, how did an individual single-handedly become a world-famous brand? Let’s dive into his content and his life to find out.

Net Worth 2024, Income, Relationship & Biography

Net Worth$100M
NameJames Donaldson “MrBeast”
Date of BirthMay 7th, 1998
Place of BirthUSA
ProfessionYouTuber, Philanthropist
KEY FACTSKnown for his philanthropy and challenge-based content on YouTube; Has over 169 million subscribers across all channels; Known for creating unique content strategies; His charitable efforts have earned him a reputation as a YouTube philanthropist; His income sources include his YouTube channel, brand deals, sponsorships, and merchandise sales
RelationshipDating Thea Booysen, a YouTuber and Twitch streamer

From Rags to riches 

He was born James Donaldson on May 7th, 1998. As a teenager fascinated with the possibilities of the internet, he made a YouTube channel and started posting random entertainment videos for his audience. He started his channel with the username “MrBeast6000” as a tribute to a popular cartoon character. His content was mosly about gaming videos and funny sketches. 


Now, what became the turning point of his career? Glad you asked. His content caught attention due to his unique content strategies. He started putting others in the limelight instead of himself. From tipping thousands of dollars to the waiters and delivery guys to planting millions of trees to combat climate crisis, his content kept giving people hope and entertainment all at once. 

Shortly after he got his reputation as a YouTube philanthropist. To this day, he collects donations for people and certain causes and majorly post survival and challenge videos. 

How much does he earn? 

His NetWorth is estimated to be a whopping $100M and it majorly comes from his YouTube channel with millions of subscribers and billions of views. Moreover, the brand deals, sponsorships and selling his personal merchandise adds to his wealth. His Philanthropic endeavors are also funded by his YouTube earnings. 

Love is in the air 

Philanthropy isn’t the only thing going on in his life. He has been dating Thea Booysen who is also a YouTuber and a twitch streamer. They are constantly in the public eye yet keep their relationship details private.

Image source: www.unilad.com

James Donaldson put his girlfriend to the test on their first date. He had some preplanned questions to check their compatibility.  MrBeast said that put over 40 women to that test and Thea came out to be the real deal. As he is a celebrity, he thinks that it was the only way to find out if someone was interested in him or his status. 

 Follower count story 

So, how much time did it take him to hit the follower count he is at today? Well, it didn’t happen overnight. He worked for years to gain the audience and it was after 6 years since he posted his first video that he hit 1M followers, but once the snowball started rolling, there was no turning back.

His channel became one of the fastest growing channels on YouTube. As his channel grew, he hired his childhood buddies to be his business partners. Three of his friends work alongside him while he creates his content. 

In conclusion

His content has a huge impact on today’s audience. One day, he may give a $10,000 tip to a poor delivery person, and the next day, he may surprise a poor family with a house. He restores one’s faith in humanity one video at a time and is appreciated by his audience to a huge extent. His collaborations with other YouTubers are also packed with fun and entertainment. The world needs more rich people like him, won’t you agree? 

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