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He there, TikTok buffs! Let’s dive into the world of a global comedy sensation; Khaby Lame. How did a 23-Year-old Italian factory worker become the topmost recognized and followed person on the platform?

Net Worth 2023, Income, Relationship & Biography

Net Worth$16M
NameKhabane “Khaby” Lame
Date of BirthMarch 9th, 2000
Place of BirthSenegal, but moved to Italy at age 1
ProfessionTikTok Star, Comedian
KEY FACTSBorn in Senegal, grew up in Italy; Began making TikTok videos after being laid off from a factory job; Known for simple and relatable humor; Most followed individual on TikTok; Earns from TikTok, brand deals, sponsorships, and merchandise sales
FamilyHas three siblings
RelationshipDating social media influencer Zaira Nucci; rumored to be engaged

From Rags to riches 

He was born Khabane Lame in Senegal on March 9th, 2000. His family moved to a small town in Italy when he was 1 year old. He has three siblings, and he comes from humble beginnings. He loved to make people laugh even as a child. A little did he know that his talent and simple humor will one day earn him a huge audience. 


It all began during the pandemic when Khaby was laid off from the factory he was working as a machine operator in. Like millions of people, he also signed up to TikTok and started making funny reaction videos. He didn’t have much to invest on flashy things to make comedic content so, he went with simple and relatable humor by giving alternates to the so called “life hack” videos. 

It was simplicity of his humor and his iconic rubbing of fingers and deadbeat face reaction that made him “king of reaction videos”. 

The Hustle and the dollars

Just like every success story, this one also didn’t come together overnight. It took him considerable time and consistency to reach where he is today. Like every successful content creator, he made many videos consistently before he finally reached his first million, but once he made it, the rest is history. 

So how much does our beloved comedian earn? 

His earnings are majorly private, but according to a report, her NetWorth is a jaw-dropping $16M. He majorly earns from his TikTok channel, brand deals, sponsorships and even merchandise sales. 

Let’s not forget that despite all the riches and the fame, he is still a humble and down-to-earth guy who we all relate to one way or the other. 

Who is he dating? 

Khaby is currently dating a social media influencer Zaira Nucci, who has left a big mark on social media as well. As per some reports, Khaby and Zaira are engaged. If that is the case, we wish them the best. However, the couple keep their relationship private, and rightfully so. 

His content at the moment 

The most beautiful part of the story is that Khaby’s content is still the same. He still takes complex DIY and life hack videos and breaks them down into simple solutions while maintaining a comedic simplicity. His deadpan expressions and straightforward alternatives of the complex hacks make us tickle to this day. 

It is his simplicity, humility and natural humor that keeps earning him followers day by day and he left Charlie D’Amelio behind by becoming the most followed TikToker. 

In Conclusion 

Khaby is the breath of air we all could use while living through our day-to-day life. His kindness, simplicity, and humility are an example for us to stay the way we are even after achievements and fame. 

So, if you’re waiting to be entertained, and laugh out loud follow Khaby and if you want, learn a hack or two along the way as well. 

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