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Arab culture is synonymous with hospitality. They are warm kind and loving people who were misunderstood by the world for decades, but people like Khalid Al Ameri are changing the world’s view about Arabs. He is a beacon of positivity and inspiration and it’s not just me, millions of people agree. 

So, who is he and what is the story of his stardom? 

NameKhalid Al Ameri 
Date of Birth05-12-1983
FamilyNot Mentioned
RelationshipSalama Mohamad
Place of BirthUnited Arab Emirates 

Early Life and rise to stardom 

Khalid comes from a supportive family and his parents taught him to be a man of high values, compassion and empathy. He competed his education from Stanford university and in 2014, he launched his YouTube channel. Initially he posted his daily life routine and activities. He always talked about peace, positivity and empathy. Soon, his channel started gaining popularity among Arabs, and non-Arabs alike. The reason was his effort to bridge the gaps between different cultures. Today, he is recognized across the globe and has a reputation as a YouTuber, motivational speaker, and a vlogger. With 2.38 million subscribers, he is one of the most recognized faces from UAE. 

The uniqueness of his content

His content consists of comedy, philanthropy and motivation. His comedy represents relatability, and he addresses the shared values among different cultures. He promotes cross-cultural interactions and the acceptance of multiculturism. He once hosted Nas Daily in his home, and Nas sent Khalid’s message across the globe that Arabs are in fact kind, generous and compassionate people. He promoted tourism for UAE, and he does it with an honest heart and an electric smile.  He pulls pranks on his wife, and she does the same to him in many of their videos. 

Business and Philanthropy

Khalid’s NetWorth is $2M. He earns not only from YouTube but from brand partnership, sponsorships and public appearances as well. He has collaborated with many brands and other YouTubers. Khalid along with his wife Salama Mohamad also co-founded “Sustainable menstrual hygiene for refugee women” initiative. Their goal was to provide feminine products and education to the refugees in middle east. Khalid was admired for this action across social media. His followers were proud of him and Salama, and for right reasons, won’t you agree? 

His love story 

Salama and Khalid are paragons of enduring love and partnership. They have always been open about their relationship and they talked about their struggles a couple of times. They have mutual respect, understanding and mutual goals in their marriage. They have children and have seen through many of the challenges together. Their followers admire their love story and who would blame them, right? They are a power couple. 

His influence 

The reason he resonates with the public so much is that he always promotes love, kindness, compassion and empathy. He advocates cross-cultural understanding and acceptance of diversity. He teaches people what it is like be to an Arab and a Muslim. He is cleansing the stereotypes piece by piece. He travels across the world and meets people of different backgrounds. He tells them his ways and learns their culture from them. In an otherwise hatred-filled world, he brings the beacon of hope—A hope that humanity still exists and if we work together and in harmony, we can still turn it all around. His content is improving day by day and his follower count is also flourishing. 

We wish our beloved Khalid more success in the future, and we want to keep seeing his humble heart through his videos. 

In Conclusion

Khalid’s content has left a huge mark on the world and has cleansed the world of many misconceptions about his community. He has become a representative of the Arab culture and traditions and he is doing justice to the role. Salama and Khalid are not only making content, but they are also changing many lives with the money they make. Their honesty and simplicity are very relatable, and we hope to see more of them in the future. 




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